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Our Services

Whether you are moving across the city, or across the globe, we have you covered....

Good Art is a talent but Moving Art is a skill....

Whether its just a personal box or an overflowing office cabinet, we store it all....

A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it....



We will deliver what was promised, and a little more always.


We try and get people who are removed from the employee mentality - our people own the business and have a stake in all that's happening. They are trained to think through a solution and to look for solutions where others would go by rote...


We often challenge ourselves as to why we cant beat our competitors where pricing is concerned. We search and exhort our partners to stay competitive because we want to be a reference for others, not the other way round.

The Team

Anil Jagtiani


An alumni of RIMC,Dehradun and the National Defence Academy of India, Anil Jagtiani served in the Indian Navy, before .... Read More

Sameer Seth


A PG diploma in marketing, Sameer stumbled across the Moving Industry by mistake like most of those within. He quickly .... Read More

Saahil Saxena


Saahil completed his graduation from Bangalore and is an avid reader and cricket buff. After his graduation, he decided .... Read More